Workplace Engagement & Team Building

Build high-performance teams, along with a culture of cooperation and collaboration using TEAM A B Cs©.

America’s #1 talent management problem is employee engagement. An engaged employee is fully absorbed in and enthusiastic about work. The person takes positive action to further your organization’s success.

But Gallup’s research tells us that only 29% of all employees are actively engaged in their jobs. 54% are not engaged. 17% are actively disengaged!

Disengaged workers are costing up to $350 billion annually in lost productivity.

We can change the engagement numbers in your company, perhaps even double or triple them. We can help you build high performing teams. We can assist you to create a company-wide culture of cooperation and collaboration.

You Need This When You Want To…

  • Create a more cohesive, energized team that gets things done to improve growth and profitability.
  • Reduce turnover, absences, illnesses, and other symptoms of low engagement.
  • Reduce frustration because people are on opposing teams, in their separate silos, not communicating and in subtle or overt conflict.
  • Increase direct communications and promote effective problem solving.
  • Boost buy-in to streamline operations.
  • Build trust and empathy for better working relationships.
  • Create a business vision or strategy your entire workforce enthusiastically agrees to.
  • Deepen employee engagement to insure everyone is fully motivated.

The Results You Want…

  • To get more done, increase productivity for dramatic growth and profitability.
  • Improved metrics on engagement, turnover, absences, and other symptoms of low engagement.
  • Increased communications and cooperation across departments, starting with leaders and cascading down to line staff.
  • Direct and honest conversations, less gossip.
  • To get disagreements out in the open and resolved.
  • Improved problem solving to maximize operational efficiency.
  • Increased trust and empathy for better relationships.
  • A new business vision or strategy that everyone buys into.
  • Increased motivation.

What Others Say

Involving Bob Isaacson as a mediator of employee relationships was a brilliant move on my part and my employees are still thanking me. Bob’s insights and skill as a team builder and mediator turned the office atmosphere around 180 degrees in a matter of months and allowed us to uncover what key employees needed to productively work together and enjoy the process!

—Catherine Bath, former Executive Director, Clery Center


Bob led our team in developing a strategic vision statement for the future. We worked through an engagement and visioning process so staff would “own” the crafting of a consolidated vision statement including our objectives. A post meeting survey indicated his work was the most useful agenda item during our entire three-day meeting.

—Rick McNamara, former Director of Operations, Market Access-Specialty Care Business Unit, Pfizer

Our productivity was down. People were unhappy, dissatisfied with their work. I really had to turn this around quickly. I needed a savvy, objective person to come in, clearly identify our problems and jump-start a process to improve morale. Bob fit the bill. His business knowledge, as well as his ability to understand and engage people, were crucial in helping my management team and I make some significant and dramatic changes. In a few short months, we are moving in a very different, more positive direction.

—Jannette Diaz, former Program Director, Abraxas Youth & Family Services

Our Team Building & Workplace Engagement efforts are based on our Team A B Cs© approach to team building and engagement, and the latest engagement research.

Each intervention is carefully customized to your needs. In addition to implementing our 6-step Team A B Cs© model, we do engagement surveys and create company visions and strategies.