Short Term Coaching

Fast resolution of a specific challenge or opportunity.

You Need This When You Want One-on-One Coaching…

  • For less than 6 months.
  • When you’re uncertain how long to work with a coach.
  • When you want to test out whether coaching’s for you.

The Results You Want…

  • Can concern any matter where having an objective sounding board can help you make good decisions or take action. These can include…
  • Finding a job.
  • Changing your career.
  • Improving your relationships with your boss and others.
  • Communicating better.
  • Growing and promoting your business.
  • Selling more.
  • Improving performance and productivity.
  • Clarifying your vision and planning for the future.
  • Making transitions or life changes.
  • Resolving stress.
  • Overcoming procrastination.
  • Creating a retirement plan.

What Others Say

The thing (rubber band) on the wrist you suggested? Brilliant! I see it. I do it. It’s a reminder. Bang! Shut up and listen!

—David, Senior Researcher, ExxonMobil

I’m communicating more effectively now with my boss. He listens differently; his eyes are open to how hard my job is sometimes. Colleagues used to bypass my function. Two weeks ago he said not to do that and they got the message! I could never get the equipment I needed before. I just received approval for 2 capital expenditures. It’s the first real money our department has gotten.

—Barbara, Manager, Quality Control, Chiral Technologies

Bob presented as gentle but could turn the screws if necessary. As a clinical social worker, he has a broader depth in understanding the emotional aspects of my behavior.

—Jason, Director, Research & Development, CSL Behring

Jay moved from a 4 last year to a 6 this year in his performance review. Peers and senior leaders have positive things to say about his communications. He now understands the importance of communicating in the right way, with the right people, and the impact this can have on his business success.

—Jan, Director, Clinical Operations, Lifescan

How Does It Work?

We meet with you twice a month, for as many months as you want. You have unlimited access to us via video, telephone, and email.

Our approach to executive coaching is powerful: practical, concrete, results-oriented, and tied to what you need. No serious athlete would expect to progress very far without a coach. Why should you?