Executive Coaching Program

A 6-month transformational leadership journey for bottom-line business results.

You Need This When You Want To…

  • Generate more revenue and profit.
  • Develop executive presence, more confidence, poise and assurance.
  • Increase emotional intelligence.
  • Build trust and empathy to improve relationships.
  • Become a powerful, influential communicator and leader.
  • Maintain self-control, keeping disruptive emotions and impulses under control.
  • Build a collaborative and engaged team.
  • Tune into your company’s culture, navigate its politics.
  • Create a clear and compelling strategic vision for the future.
  • Know and act on your strengths, resolve your weaknesses.
  • Make decisions even when uncertain.
  • Set and carry out concrete goals.

The Results You Want…

  • Transforming into a powerful, empathic, and results-oriented leader
  • A promotion, a job in the C suite
  • More revenue, more profit
  • Enhanced executive presence, more confidence, poise and assurance.
  • Increased emotional intelligence.
  • Self-control, keeping disruptive emotions and impulses under control
  • Improved relationships, with greater trust and empathy for others

What Others Say

Bob Isaacson’s executive coaching was tremendously valuable! He gave me powerful tools to change my leadership and emotional intelligence behaviors with others in ways that get me far better results. He made me realize I have the power to improve myself by focusing on short and long-term developmental goals. I went out of my comfort zone using a new behavior to produce a better result than I expected.

—Mike, Vice President, Federal Credit Union

From the beginning I had available a number of coaches to select from. Their CV’s were all quite impressive; but, I had already committed to select a coach whose background did not fit the mainstream “business world” acumen per se – i.e. like a Jack Welch or a Tom Peters. Bob’s background was more varied, and included what the others lacked; an academic and professional background rooted in the science of how people think, and why people do what they do. Couple that with his business experiences, he was the right choice for me.

—C., Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development & Management

Bob has a servant leadership philosophy that is rare and valuable. What Bob embodies, he is all about the client, improving their states of being. He wants to help you, and will work for you. There are a small number of coaches like Bob who actually listen. Bob will turn off his personal life to walk side-by-side with you.

—M., Senior Consultant, Talent Management, Northrop Grumman

How Does It Work?

Our Executive Coaching Program is a personalized, action-oriented process that focuses on your getting concrete business results. With Bob or Andrea’s help, you…

  • Create a vision of success as you define it.
  • Pinpoint your strengths.
  • Clarify your work and personal challenges.
  • Set goals.
  • Design a learning agenda to build on your strengths and resolve your challenges.
  • Implement unique, out-of-the box strategies that…
  • Provide a concrete ROI for you.

Our approach to executive coaching is powerful: practical, concrete, results-oriented and tied to what you and your company need.

It’s based on our Leadership Engagement© approach to how people learn to lead.

How Is It Structured?

We meet with you twice a month. You have unlimited access to us via video, telephone, and email. We include 360-degree assessments, leadership and personality instruments, individual development plans, and meetings with your manager to assure alignment with what your company wants.

No serious athlete would expect to progress very far without a coach. Why should you?