Conflict Resolution: Solve Your People Problems

Does your workplace suffer from clashing and strong emotions because there are high stakes and differing opinions?

We can fix it.

You Need This When…

  • Your workplace is damaged and is in need of a productive reboot.
  • Perhaps it’s inappropriate or impossible for you to do the direct work because the executive sees you everyday, or because your plate is already overloaded.
  • Welcome the politically savvy executive coach, who intervenes and assists in sticky, awkward moments that call for someone to help with objectivity. The executive coach you need is a trusted advisor who can turn things around–someone to be honest, direct, and who will immediately get to the core of the matter. You want an individual with a deep lens who understands workplace/people dynamics—a partner who will talk to you, be candid with you about whether executive coaching is—or is not—working. You need a skilled executive coach to respond immediately and keep you up-to-date because you have to report about progress.

Some examples...

  • A key executive at your company doesn’t listen, interrupts, and orders people around. You worry about HR complaints. You’ve tried to coach the person but it hasn’t worked.
  • Your CEO has lost patience with his sales VP and marketing VP. They argue all the time, aren’t aligned on strategy, and can’t agree on literally anything. In an internal feedback survey, several team members report a “clear disconnect” between the departments. Some label it as “toxic.” Your CEO says he’s “had it with this mess” and wants you to do something to fix it.

  • Your hospital’s outpatient surgery centers are in disarray. Patient specimens sometimes don’t get delivered to the laboratory. Supplies are outdated. The medical director is battling with the surgery center administrator. The physician has gone to the hospital CEO one too many times. He asks you for help.

The Results You Want…

  • Resolving high profile conflicts between individuals or teams to diffuse friction, and institute collaborative sharing, effective management, and teamwork.
  • Quickly calming emotions so executives can focus on business.
  • Positive individual and team behavior (better listening, enhanced communications, increased empathy, improved relationships, stronger operational results, more trust, increased emotional intelligence).

  • Proactive advice about how to respond, minimize, and resolve future workplace conflicts.

What Others Say

With his training and experience as a behavioral healthcare specialist, Bob has a gift in helping individuals, groups, and organizations resolve conflict, achieve consensus, and agree on ways to move forward. Bob’s ability to listen in a deep way, to find win-win solutions, and to help negotiate through thorny problems and achieve consensus are critically important for your success going forward.

—Joel Smith, Owner, JF Smith & Associates


Our leaders were tough as nails, ‘A’ personality types to the right of Attila the Hun. They had no management skills, no people skills. The #1 reason I brought Bob in to help us change was that his name had become synonymous with Emotional Intelligence in this area of the country. I wanted to bring in the very best.”

—Jim White, former Director of Human Resources, Matrix Service Industrial Contractors

I need someone who can be direct with the leader, get to the core of the issue. Bob is not a bull sh—–.

—A., Vice President, Talent Management

How Does It Work?

Each intervention is carefully customized to your specific situation and needs.