Coach-Ability Assessment©

Uncertain if someone is committed to executive coaching and behavior change? Find out quickly and economically.

When You Need This

One of your executives seems like a good candidate for executive coaching. But are they? You value their contribution, but they get defensive when you offer feedback about their management behavior. So yes, they may need executive coaching, but can they really take advantage of it?

What You Want to Know

Wouldn’t it be great if you could accurately assess if an executive was a good candidate for executive coaching? If they are, you move ahead. If not, what other approach would work?

What Others Say

I need someone who can be direct with the leader, get to the core of the issue. Bob is not a bull sh—–.

—A., Vice President, Talent Management

Bob can understand the dynamics and complicating factors because of his background in social work and psychology. He has a deep lens.

—R., Senior Consultant, Talent Management

Responsiveness is a big ticket for me. Bob finishes tasks on deadline. Also, he’s engaged with clients. When reporting in, he brings the client and situation to life.

—M., Director, Human Resources

How Does It Work?

We recommend a Go/No Go for executive coaching at the end of our unique coaching assessment.

Coach-Ability Assessment©