Coaching Success Stories

CASE STUDY: Order from Chaos


Titan is a $5 million facilities management business. Led by a dynamic CEO, Titan has a five-person management team in sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and operations.

The Challenge

Titan’s revenues stalled after several years of growth, and customer complaints are increasing. Facilities management operations were in disarray, in part because a key high-level manager burned out. He ran much of the operational side of the company “out of his back pocket,” and had few experienced, on-site supervisors. His division was disorganized, performance expectations were unclear, accountability was limited, and line staff often presented a poor image to the public. Executive coaching for him failed and he soon left Titan voluntarily. Meanwhile, the vice president for operations became overwhelmed with work and involved in an ongoing conflict with others in the company.

The Process

When I was called into Titan as an executive coach, I applied my TEAM A B Cs© process, a team building and employee engagement approach. I helped the management team: a) identify its barriers to the company’s performance, and b) craft an action plan to resolve these challenges. I assisted in facilitating management team meetings, and worked with individuals and teams throughout the company to reengineer and change its culture. This included improving communications and conflict resolution. I assisted the CEO in holding her team members accountable for their performance, in part by creating a written record of team meetings.

The Results. Gwen:

  • Restructured its operations division.

  • Created a company-wide set of standard operating procedures with clear performance expectations.

  • Identified hiring procedures for supervisory and managerial staff, including job descriptions, interviewing strategies and benchmarks for job performance, as well as required skills and personal attitudes.

  • Created a training and development program for line staff and supervisors.

  • Reduced pressures on the vice president for operations so he could manage more effectively.

  • Created a smoothly functioning management team.

  • Secured a new multi-million dollar facilities management contract.