Why Hire Us

Why Hire Full Circle Solutions?

We focus on results. Clients have:

  • Landed a $14 million customer by improving self-confidence and sales skills
  • Dramatically increased gross profitability margins to over 40% by focusing on priorities and delegating
  • Grown trading sales volume 291% in one year, from $1.1 million to $3.2 million
  • Made a typical $70,000 – $200,000 sale into a $1,000,000 one, and with less cost
  • Been promoted to senior leadership positions

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In addition to coaching individuals, we can work with your senior leadership team or entire company.

  • We understand organizational dynamics. We can shift focus easily from executive coaching to helping your team or changing your company’s culture.
  • We’ve created state-of-the-art programs like Leadership Engagement© and Team A B Cs© for entire companies.
  • We can do large projects because of our relationships with executive coaches throughout the U.S.

We’re human development specialists with advanced degrees. Hard-nosed research drives our work.

  • We understand how people think, solve problems, make decisions, and change behavior.
  • When we suggest a strategy for you, we know it works.

We’re experts at how to use emotion to propel the change process along.

  • We know the challenges you face in high emotion situations.
  • We know how easy it is to get pulled in and stuck.
  • While other coaches pay lip service to Emotional Intelligence, it’s at the core of our work.

We provide seasoned, cutting-edge advice from our years of hands-on, operational business experience.


We dig deeper. We get into causes. We don’t just deal with symptoms.

  • Anyone can give you a goal and a deadline, and then demand follow-up. But this doesn’t address the root causes of the challenges you face.
  • Ambiguous, unresolved root causes reappear as problems later on.

There’s little wasted time or effort with us.

  • We quickly explore underlying causes.
  • We focus you on reaching goals and getting things done.
  • You move rapidly to measurable results, with a solid return on your investment of time and money.

Everything is customized to your needs. You never get anything off the shelf.

We respond to what you need because you work directly with Bob or Andrea. 

  • If you have a problem, we fix it quickly.
  • If you want to meet face-to-face at your location, not talk on the telephone or via Skype, we do it.