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Why Bob or Andrea Should
Do Your Next Workshop, Seminar, or Keynote Speech!

What do you need for a dynamite occasion, a time your organization will long remember for its impact?

3 things:

  • Learning
  • Motivation
  • Entertainment

Bob and Andrea are compelling and exciting speakers and workshop leaders. Not only do you learn something, you’re entertained and motivated to improve your work and your life.

And the person next to you won’t have to elbow you awake! As one business owner said, “Even I was able to sit through a whole day’s training with Bob. It was stimulating and enjoyable.”

Find below a list of keynote speeches, webinars, 2-hour workshops, or daylong training seminars. 

Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching, Not Just for the C-Suite: Create a Coaching Culture for your Company

Traditionally, executive coaching has been the leadership development tool of choice for senior executives in large companies. But it has a far wider application. Coaching is a powerful strategy to motivate, retain, and develop high potential and high performing supervisors, managers, and individual contributors at all levels, grooming them to be your next generation of leaders. This workshop can help you create a “coaching culture” in your company and a turnkey plan for your own executive and business coaching program.

Executive Coaching & Engagement Strategies to Motivate Employees

Traditional styles of managing and leading are dead or dying. The old command-and-control paradigm, where an executive or owner issues orders and expects compliance, clearly is on the trash heap. New collaborative-and-cooperative approaches can skyrocket your performance and profitability. In this workshop, you will learn strategies to motivate employees to do their very best.

Leadership Development & Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence: A Core Business Skill

Commonly referred to as “soft skills,” emotional intelligence is all the rage in the business and nonprofit worlds of today. It is a core business skill set, providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This workshop will help you develop or perfect your emotional intelligence skills by: increasing your self-awareness, managing your moods when upset and controlling your impulses, reading the emotions of others, and responding to their needs and wishes, as well as communicating effectively, influencing, managing conflict, making quick decisions, building trust, and more.

Discovering Your Leadership Brand

As a leader or emerging leader, what is special, powerful, and unique about you that compels others to follow? Without knowing these answers, you risk a failure in both your leadership and personal ambitions.

This workshop will help you identify your own unique, authentic leadership brand, create a powerful leadership point of view (LPOV), learn how to lead without a high-level position, discover the connection between emotional intelligence and leadership and attract others to you like a magnet.

Leadership Engagement©: “Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?”

Based on the “Leadership & Ethics” course Bob taught in Immaculata University’s MA in Organizational Leadership, this workshop will help you answer the key question that was the title of a Harvard Business Review article several years ago: “Why should anyone be led by you?”

You will learn 10 distinguishing features of effective leadership, create your own authentic leadership style, develop strategies to facilitate individual and organizational change, master key emotional intelligence skills, identify motivational “triggers” in others so you can be more influential, promote employee engagement and commitment, develop business and executive coaching skills, and build cooperative-and-collaborative business teams using Bob’s Team A B Cs© approach.

Your Life’s Dream: Fueling Your Work, Your Business & Your Motivation

World-class performers like Olympic runners or top-notch cardiac surgeons can teach us a great deal about how we can motivate ourselves to be both successful and happy. When performing at their best, these individuals report an experience of harmony or wholeness, a sense of resonance.

Using recent research, this workshop will help you both perform at your best and feel that sense of joy and pleasure. You will discover and tap into your own 2-part Life’s Dream, your External Dream, the direction in which you want to take your life and work, as well as your Internal Dream, how you want to feel every day at work. You will leave with a toolkit of strategies to maintain energy, manage focus and overcome setbacks and obstacles to reach your Life’s Dream.

Team Building & Employee Engagement

Want to know more about Team Building & Engagement?

Creating Cooperation & Collaboration: How to Build High Performance Teams & a Positive Company Culture

Having high-performance teams in place and a positive company culture are critical to your business success. You will learn Bob’s TEAM A B Cs© approach to cut through differences and get everyone working towards common goals, strategies to build employee engagement and commitment, as well as ways to transcend work style, personality and organizational differences. You will leave with a toolkit of team building and engagement strategies you can put into practice immediately.

Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach to Organizational Change

Appreciative Inquiry has been described as “…the cooperative search for the best in people, their organizations, and the world around them.” It is a way to resolve company or team challenges. Appreciative Inquiry has a positive, strengths-based focus to it, as opposed to a problem-based, fix-what’s-broken one.

This workshop will help you answer these questions: What’s worked? What should we celebrate? What should we leverage? What should we improve or change? How can we strengthen what we do? Where do we go from here? How do we stay connected with each other on a personal level?

Strategic Planning for a Clear Future: Creating Your Vision, Mission, Key Objectives, Core Strategies & Action Plans

Creating a strategy and plan for your business or team is critical to your success. Without one, you never know where you might end up. This workshop takes you through the entire strategic planning process. In one day, you will have enough to write a basic strategic plan to guide your business operations.

Managing Yourself: Personal Strategies for Success

Beyond Time Management: What’s Important & How to Get It Done

Overworked? Sometimes the pressure feels enormous to get things done as you juggle and multitask. Workplace demands can be overwhelming. Adding family obligations to the mix can leave even the most capable person feeling anxious and guilty about what’s not getting done. It can lead to burnout.

Focus and energy are key to your well-being and performance success. This workshop will help you: Identify high payoff activities to focus you on daily priorities, set goals that get you concrete results, create a balance between work and your personal life, and learn how to avoid interruptions and distractions.

Stress Management: Calgon Take Me Away!

Our level of stress at work often is very great. Our lives are out of balance. This workshop teaches stress management techniques to achieve the balance you want, while still achieving professional success.

Working with Cats & Dogs: Conflict Resolution Without Blowing Up or Caving In

Conflict is one of those inevitable experiences you face at work and in your personal life. You have three choices about how to respond: You can angrily blow up at the other person. You can avoid and run away. Or you can face the other person and mutually decide to resolve the conflict.

This workshop will help you take the third option when you can. You will understand your own personal experience with conflict and identify your “conflict style,” learn several conflict resolution strategies and choose ones that work in specific situations, as well as improve your listening and assertiveness skills.

Change Management

Other than death and taxes, the one certain thing you will encounter is change. Change is everywhere, from implementing a new business strategy to starting an exercise program. Change is difficult, not nearly as simple as those self-help books and television infomercials might suggest. Learning change management strategies will help you gain confidence in your abilities, as well as essential professional and personal skills. This workshop will teach you how to manage both personal and organizational change using 2 research-based, models of change you can apply immediately.

Social Work & Human Services

Hot New Practice Opportunities for Social Workers: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Building & Employee Engagement

There are powerful new currents and expected trends in the social work field, and the larger job market where social workers consult and get jobs. Organizational development (OD), talent management, leadership development, team building, and executive coaching are emerging areas of nontraditional practice.

This workshop is for social workers and psychologists who want to 1) expand their focus and become trusted advisors to business owners and corporate executives, 2) improve employee happiness or deepen workplace engagement, or 3) integrate a “coaching approach” into their psychotherapy. (Bob presents this workshop at Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research. He coaches mental health professionals to develop nontraditional practices.)

Introduction to Social Work Supervision

If you are a new social work supervisor, soon to be appointed, or never received formal training, this workshop is for you. Its content and that of Advanced Social Work Supervision grew out of Bob’s teaching “Managing the Work of Others” to 2nd year social work graduate students at Bryn Mawr College.

You will: understand the research basis for “good” supervision, clarify your strengths and challenges as a supervisor, create an action plan for your growth, perfect emotional intelligence skills, learn coaching skills and an adult development model to use with supervisees, build a cooperative and collaborative team using Bob’s Team A B Cs© approach, and identify strategies to manage difficult workers.

Advanced Social Work Supervision

As a social work supervisor, you are a middle manager. You walk a fine line, managing the practice and feelings of your social workers, while maneuvering around the challenges presented by senior leaders and your agency.

This workshop will help you: effectively position yourself between upper management and social workers, deepen your emotional intelligence skills, create an authentic approach to leadership, construct a vision for your team, learn to motivate team members, and adopt stress management techniques to sustain your social workers over time.

Powerful Engagements: Working with Resistant Clients

Involuntary clients are those individuals who have not chosen to receive help from you or are resistant to change. They are frustrating for social workers and terribly difficult to engage. They fight your best efforts. This workshop goes beyond voluntary counseling approaches to help you engage and work with these very tough clients. You will learn how to recognize why resistance with involuntary clients is normal, develop service agreements and working alliances, and respond in supportive, non-threatening, power-sharing ways.

Countertransference or Why (Some) Clients Drive You Nuts!

Some clients are difficult to manage. They resist help. They don’t want to work with you. Or you work harder than they do. At worst, your toughest clients stimulate powerful emotional reactions in you, feelings of anger and rage, helplessness, and caretaking that may propel you to behave in ways you regret.

This workshop focuses on what to do when clients “push your buttons,” or, more technically, on countertransference, “where your values and stereotypes based on personal experience interfere with your ability to perform your duties effectively.” You will learn strategies to get “emotional distance” in order to maximize your effectiveness with those clients who you negatively (or overly positively) react to.