Training & Speaking

Why Bob or Andrea Should Do Your Next Workshop, Seminar, or Keynote Speech!

What do you need for a dynamite occasion, a time your organization will long remember for its impact?

3 things:

  • Learning
  • Motivation
  • Entertainment

Bob and Andrea are compelling and exciting speakers and workshop leaders located in Narberth, Pennsylvania, the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia. Not only do you learn something, you’re entertained and motivated to improve your performance and your life.

And the person next to you won’t have to elbow you awake! As one business owner said, “Even I was able to sit through a whole day’s training with Bob. It was stimulating and enjoyable.”

Find below a list of keynote speeches, webinars, 2-hour workshops, or daylong training seminars. Contact Bob for your customized program. Download Descriptions.

Executive Coaching

Want to know more about Executive Coaching?

Coaching, Not Just for the C-Suite: A Powerful Leadership & Motivational Tool for High Potentials and High Performers.

Coaching & Engagement Strategies to Motivate Employees.

Leadership Development & Emotional Intelligence

Want to know more about Leadership Development?

Emotional Intelligence: A Core Business Skill.

Discovering Your Leadership Brand.

Leadership Engagement©: “Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?”

Your Life’s Dream: Fueling Your Work, Your Business & Your Motivation.

Leadership Roundtable: A Series to Motivate, Retain, and Develop Individuals & Teams.

Team Building & Engagement

Want to know more about Team Building & Engagement?

Creating a Culture of Cooperation & Collaboration: How to Build a High Performance Team & Company.

Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach to Organizational Change.

Strategic Planning for a Clear Future: Creating Your Vision, Mission, Key Objectives, Core Strategies & Action Plans.

Managing Yourself: Personal Strategies for Success

Time Management: Living the Life You Always Wanted.

Beyond Time Management: What’s Important & How to Get It Done!

Stress Management: Calgon Take Me Away!

Working with Cats & Dogs: Conflict Resolution Without Blowing Up or Caving In.

Change Management.