Leader Roundtables

Learn how to lead or improve your team’s leadership skills using Leadership Engagement©.

You Need This When You Want To…

  • Motivate and retain your high potentials and high performers.
  • Create your next generation of leaders.
  • Teach new, inexperienced managers how to lead.
  • Get executives out of their silos working together.
  • Increase your team’s performance.
  • Reach company-wide goals or implement a valuable project in a cost-effective way.
  • Create a confidential setting for communications, advice, and support.
  • Draw on the collective experience of all to solve problems.

The Results You Want…

  • Deeply motivated, committed and engaged leaders.
  • Upgraded leadership skills at all managerial levels, from new managers to senior executives.
  • More frequent and deeper collaborative working arrangements across departments.
  • Effective problem solving resulting in increased performance.
  • Improved interpersonal skills (increased trust, honesty and directness, and the ability to resolve conflict in healthy ways).

What Clients Say

Bob’s Leader Roundtable helped grow and develop our senior leadership team at Orleans Technical College. We had to resolve immediate (and pressing) operational problems, then create and execute on a strategic plan to grow services and increase revenues. The roundtable gave us the space and focus to do this.

We emerged after 8 months with a richer understanding of how we each behave, how others interpret us and how best to work with a spectrum of styles. We’re becoming more comfortable with acknowledging and working through disagreements. We’re embracing opportunities to share what’s on our minds versus letting it become water cooler talk. We’re increasingly honest and direct in our communications, and have started to openly challenge and push back against our default behaviors like avoidance of conflict.

I’m seeing this behavior cascade down to my team’s interaction with their direct reports.

—William Lynch, President, Orleans Technical College

  • Are forums of 10 to 15 executives or managers within your company or nonprofit.
  • Meet monthly, 6 to 9 times a year, with homework assignments.
  • Are based on our Leadership Engagement© approach to how people learn to lead.
  • Integrate executive coaching with group sessions.