Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

These Client Success Stories are from individual clients and team engagements. We have additional ones, as well as fuller descriptions of the ones below. Contact us for more.

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Coaching Success Story: Gwen, “Applied Creativity”

A micro manager and owner of a major construction company, Gwen doesn’t delegate and gets lost in the minutiae of the unimportant. She works long hours, with little sleep and no exercise, struggling to make her business profitable.

Executive coaching helps. Gwen reaches her monthly sales goals, improves gross profit margins to over 40%, and wins a top national award in her industry.

Coaching Success Story: Jane, “New CEO”

Jane is a new CEO of a software company. She helps her management team resolve tactical problems when she needs to be more strategic. And her incompetent, defensive male vice president for sales is hurting the company.

With executive coaching, Jane hires a chief operating officer to manage daily operations, fires her sales vice president, and merges her company with a large, public one, becoming its CEO.

pexels-photo-30342Coaching Success Story: Kevin, “It’s About Relationships!”

A brilliant marketer in a global pharmaceutical company, Kevin’s career is derailing. Senior leaders don’t trust him and haven’t promoted him. An alpha male, Kevin doesn’t listen. And he’s abrasive when he doesn’t like what others have to say.

Executive coaching helps Kevin develop political savvy and Emotional Intelligence skills. He starts listening, becomes more influential, and gets better operational results. Senior leaders react more positively to him. Within a year, he gets a major promotion.

Team Success Story: Pfizer’s Specialty Care’s Market Access Group, “Creating A Vision”

One of Pfizer’s Market Access Groups is so “stuck in the weeds that it can’t see the forest.” Employees are literally working on one hundred different tasks and have little sense of strategic direction. They need a vision to drive their daily work and justify what they do to senior leaders.

Our strategic planning and visioning process helps the Group create its vision. Employees can better explain the value of its work to others. The process generates increased employee engagement and buy-in.

Team Success Story: Laurie, “Undoing the Damage”

Laurie is a new leader, replacing an incompetent executive. Her nonprofit, human services division is about to lose its major child welfare funding. Her team is divided, conflicted, and fearful of the coming change.

Executive coaching, team building, and strategic planning help set this ship back on course. Laurie removes several uncooperative management team members. The team develops a strategic plan. Laurie retains the division’s contract with the Department of Human Services.

Team Success Story: Titan, “Order from Chaos”

Titan’s senior management team is in disarray. It’s disorganized and overwhelmed. Performance expectations are unclear. There’s little accountability. Customer complaints are increasing. Team members are fighting for power and control.

Team building and executive coaching pull this executive leadership team together. Titan restructures its operations division. It creates a standard workflow, with clear performance expectations. The division’s ineffective manager leaves. Customer complaints decrease. The big win? Titan secures a new $14 million commercial cleaning contract.