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Our Clients

We have experience across multiple industries and professions, as well as with a variety of companies.

From Our Clients

Bob asks deep probing questions that stop me in my tracks and make me think in a new way. He draws me out, helping me focus on doing the important things. His energy and excitement are infectious. Bob holds me accountable to become the best company president I can be.

— Ed Herr, President, Herr Foods, Inc.

From Our Clients

I was very skeptical about executive coaching. But my time with Bob made me more effective as a leader and with dealing with my company’s culture. Coaching was worth as much as $50,000 to my company.

— Charles, Operations Director, Manufacturing, Fortune 100 Chemical & Technology Company

From Our Clients

Bob is a marriage counselor for business, a sort of Mr. Fix-It for problems. My chief salesperson was in a sales slump and about to quit. Bob jumped in, helping us work better together. She stayed and her sales improved.

— Chris Drucquer, Owner, CertaPro Painters of the Main Line

From Our Clients

Truthfully, I can’t say enough! Bob’s executive coaching has been critical to my success, increasing trading sales volume 291% from $1.1 million to $3.2 million in 12 months!

— Christopher O’Brien, Former General Manager, Philadelphia Itex

From Our Clients

Our leaders were tough as nails, type ‘A’ personalities to the right of Attila the Hun. They had no management skills, no people skills. The #1 reason I brought Bob in to help us change was that his name had become synonymous with Emotional Intelligence. I wanted to bring in the very best.

— Jim White, Former Director, Human Resources, Matrix Service

From Our Clients

Bob creates powerful moments of awareness, micro-transformations that propel people forward in positive ways. He presents these as folksy stories, vignettes, and anecdotal, homespun wisdom garnered from years of experience.

— Alejandro Rodriguez, Former Team Leader, Vaccine Global Pricing, Pfizer, Inc.

From Our Clients

Bob was what our team needed. He helped inspire my staff to find their own inner leaders. He’s a man who radiates passion and understanding. Bob’s message is a powerful one that can help any team improve its performance: operate from a clear mind, overcome stress, improve focus, and be more motivated.

— Nicole A. Buckley, State Director, St. John’s Community Services

From Our Clients

Bob has a gift in helping people resolve conflict, achieve consensus, and agree on ways to move forward. His ability to listen in a deep way, to find win-win solutions, and to help negotiate through thorny problems and achieve consensus are critically important.

— Joel Smith, Owner, JF Smith & Associates

From Our Clients

Involving Bob Isaacson as a mediator of the employee relationships of our organization was a brilliant move on my part and my employees are still thanking me. Bob’s insights and skill as a team builder and mediator turned the office atmosphere around 180 degrees in a matter of months. It allowed us to uncover what key employees needed to productively work together and enjoy the process!

— Catherine Bath, Former Executive Director, Clery Center for Security on Campus

From Our Clients

Bob’s really funny. It’s great when 4 hours of class feels like an evening of stimulating entertainment. He’ll be a tough act to follow!

— Kathy, Manager, Data Maintenance, Pfizer, Inc.

From Our Clients

Bob was my sounding board, my facilitator, my advisor, and my cheerleader. I was able to identify my top business prospects, then develop and execute a strategy to close key sales. Today our accounts are stronger, our revenues are higher, and our customers and employees are happier.

— Donna Allie, Owner, Team Clean, Inc.

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